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Travel to Kolkata- The city of Joy.

Trams are integral to the city of kolkata. Its a heritage of the city.
Electric Tram

Kolkata, previously known as Calcutta, is a bustling city in eastern India. It is the capital of the state of West Bengal and is considered to be the cultural, educational, and commercial center of the region.

The city has a rich history that dates back to the 17th century when it was a small village called Kalikata. The British East India Company later developed it and became a major trading center for goods like silk, jute, and opium. Kolkata was also the capital of British India until 1911, after which Delhi was made the Capital of India.

Kolkata is now the country's fourth costliest city. The famous French Author Dominique Lapierre coined the term : City of Joy which aptly suits the city. The city has its own charm, a completely different perspective compared to other cities . It is known to have its own heart! !!.Whether you want to see a bustling city life or walk through history , Kolkata has it all.

Colonial architecture and century old buildings are still at large. If you want to walk the history of the city, walk along the lanes and bylanes of North Kolkata. There are numerous ghats along the River Ganges where you can sit and watch the sunset or if you are an early riser watch the sunrise too. Even a walk along the Ganges will give you a sense of the city's history. The banks of the Ganges have been and are still a photographer’s paradise. Myriad actions can be seen there which makes a good shot for any photographer.

The Mullick Ghat Flower market is one such place . It is said to be the largest flower market in India. Starting from the wee hours in the morning till late at night you will always find fresh flowers there and bustling with buyers and sellers.

The famous Howrah Bridge is next to this flower market. A stroll on the bridge will lead you to a staircase that descends to the flower market. If you cross the bridge you reach Howrah, famous for the Howrah Station , Belur Math , Botanical Gardens( it has one of the oldest banyan trees of the world) to name a few.

Victoria Memorial, The GPO, Marble Palace, Kolkata Town Hall, St Paul's Cathedral are the last of the city's few colonial buildings which are still standing tall.


Speaking of Kolkata and not talking about its food will be an utter mistake. Mostly inhabited by the Bengalis, the food in Kolkata has its own charm and completely different palette. Be it the hardcore Bengali cuisine which predominantly consists of Rice, lentils, Sabzi, Bhaja and Fish. You can always identify a Bengali with their fish cuisines. Although Bengali cuisine is not just limited to the above, the list is endless.

Besides Kolkata is famous for its Rolls, in fact it was in Kolkata during the British the owner of Nizam restaurant started this concept of wrapping kebabs in a paratha and roll it which became the famous Kolkata Roll , now available in different varieties like Egg Roll, Chicken Roll, Mutton Roll, Fish Roll , Paneer Roll etc.

Biriyani is completely different from other Biriyani varieties in the country. Legend says that Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was instrumental in starting the Kolkata style Biriyani, let's not forget chicken chaap or mutton rezala.

For dessert it was in Kolkata, that the famous Nalin Chandra Das conceptualized and gave formation to the famous Rosogolla. Well don't limit yourself to just Rosogolla, there is Pantua, Sandesh and more.


Durga idols being made for the Durga Puja festival

Kolkata is most famous for its Durga Puja , the most important festival of the Bengalis. The whole city gets a makeover during the festival. People from around the world attend this festival. But what's good about Kolkata is that, Kolkatan’s just don’t celebrate Durgapuja, they also celebrate other festivals of other religions too with almost the same fanfare. You should see the Park Street area during Christmas.

During the winter Kolkata has its own special rosogolla and related sweets made with jaggery commonly called Nalen Gur. You will only get this in winter only.

Kolkata is an example of a true cosmopolitan city with myriad beliefs and equally different religions with their celebrations. Travel to Kolkata to feel the pulse.

Best time to visit: October to March.

Nearby Areas: There are a lot of places to visit around Kolkata be it beach, mountains or forests.


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